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Heartfelt by Lynn Crandall

The daughter of an alcoholic single mother, Asia Blue learned young that if she wanted to survive, she’d have to take care of herself. Tough and independent, she never encountered a challenge she couldn’t conquer…until Asia discovered she was a were-lynx. Befriending sexy fellow were-lynx Conrad Pike and finding a colony helped her adjust to the startling revelation and get through college.

Now an investigative reporter, Asia faces an entirely different sort of problem when her mother goes missing and she suspects the mysterious Nexus Group…who seem determined to wipe out her colony. She reaches out to Conrad, now an investment banker and serial heartbreaker, for assistance, and they must once again join forces to save their colony–and her mother.

Will this strong-minded duo risk opening up their hearts and owning up to their long-simmering attraction?

Jennifer Lawler

Jennifer Lawler is probably cutting glass for her daughter’s current project, eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, or laughing like a hyena at this very moment. She is currently resisting labels but is willing to admit that she has had a colorful career doing any number of things related to book publishing, including writing books. She is the author of the memoir, The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman.

Probabilities by Lynn Crandall

Bubbly were-lynx Tizzy Sands mapped out her life years ago: she’d teach kindergartners, eventually marry, and start a family. But when cancer stole her dream of having children, her focus changed. As a member of a were-lynx colony that faces constant danger from the nefarious Nexus Group, her goal now is helping the colony defeat them—and steering clear of any romantic involvements.

With his genius IQ, Quinn Arons isn’t the most socially skilled were-lynx in the colony and can’t imagine party girl Tizzy would give him a second look. But although his past mistakes and childhood experiences haunt him, he can’t accept Tizzy’s fear that cancer will return and claim her life soon. Instead, he decides to show her that life is what you make it.

Now they’re working as partners to prevent Nexus from launching its Project Powering, but can Quinn convince Tizzy there’s more to save here than just their world?

Summer of Love Contest!


Thanks to everyone who participated!

And congratulations to Sharon Yarrell from Mississippi, who won the grand prize. We hope you enjoy your summer of reading!


Who are we and what is this? We’re a group of romance writers (plus a poet and a memoirist) who want to share our love of books! A few years ago, we came up with the idea to give away a summer of love to a few lucky winners and we had so much fun we decided to do it again the next year. And the next….

This year, we’ll have one Grand Prize winner who’ll receive twelve print romances, a collection of poetry, and a memoir, along with other fun summer swag like a tote bag, a journal, and an Amazon gift card worth $25.00.

New this year: special pricing on many of our books just in time for the Summer of Love!

Here are the links:

Leslie Garcia – The ebook version of my collection of poetry, Always the Moon, for just 99 cents! Click here.

Jill Haymaker – The ebook version of Colorado Wrangler is just 99 cents! Click here.

Lynn Crandall – Free download of my romantic short story Finding Flynn. Click here.

Kristina Knight – Special pricing on two ebooks – just 99 cents each! The Saint’s Devilish Deal (click here) and Billionaire Cowboys bundle (click here)

Kristi Rose – Special pricing on two ebooks – just 99 cents each!  Second Chances (click here) and Honeymoon Postponed (click here)

Jennifer Lawler – The ebook version of The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman is just $2.99! Click here.

The contest opens on June 1 and ends June 7, 2017. The winners will be drawn randomly, and we’ll let winners know as soon after June 10 as we can that they’ve won. The prize will be shipped as soon as we hear from the winner and can get to the post office (no later than June 23, 2017 – promise!)

Please read the full Contest Rules for all the legal stuff.

To enter, go to the Enter the Contest! link, and provide your information using the entry form there. Your entry adds you to the contest hopper and signs you up for Jennifer Lawler’s newsletter. J Law, the author of The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman, also writes romances under three pen names, and she wants a little love for all this effort. You can improve your odds of winning by entering more than once, but the only way you can enter more than once is to give another romance author a little love, and you can do that by following the directions on the Enter the Contest! page. You can sign up for other newsletters or follow a blog—and each action gives you another entry into the contest.

Over there on the right-hand navigation menu, you’ll find all the authors who are participating in this giveaway, plus information about their books. Enjoy!