Always the Moon by Leslie P. Garcia

Share the words and memories of life in Always the Moon, Selected Poems by Leslie P. García, and find the fears, hopes, loves, and roads we all share:

From “The Children Go”
Given time, the children go.
Their first, unsure flight is only
Out the door, in pursuit, perhaps
Of butterflies,
Or just
To see life’s hidden faces
In the sky. (…)


From “Punctuation”
Remorseless caution.
At a train track
You know no longer used,
Pursuing the sane and common course…
As is done.
But I have a sister
Who said, “Shove it all”
And went off—(…)

From “Respite”
The grandeur of the night sky
Knocks me to my knees. (…)

Parents, siblings, lovers, horses, breakfast cereal and laundromats—intricate, mundane, but always—life. From a baby’s first steps to recognizing that days grow short (The roses haven’t yielded yet/ to cold/ from Seasons), cherish the moments and find memories in the pages of Always the Moon.

Amazon reviewer DOC says “Written over the span of many years—a lifetime, in fact—they wove tales of beauty and loss far into my mind and soul, like whispered legends of old mingled with my own memories.”

What will you find in Always the Moon?